All Purpose Cleaning Spray Concentrate

Our new all purpose cleaning spray concentrate is incredible! These bottles pack a punch! 


Skip the cleaners full of water, or toxic chemicals.  One single ounce of concentrate is enough to make a 16oz spray bottle of cleaning solution!


Choose from Pure, or one of our 100% pure essential oil options. 

2 oz bottle of concentrate = 32 oz cleaning spray (two 16oz bottles)

4 oz bottle of concentrate = 64 oz of cleaning spray (four 16oz bottles)

8 oz bottle of concentrate = 1 gallon/128 oz of cleaning spray (eight 16oz bottles)

16 oz bottle of concentrate = 2 gallons/246 oz of cleaning spray (sixteen 16oz bottles)

All Purpose Cleaning Spray Concentrate

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    • vinegar
    • disodium laureth solfosuccinate (NOT a sulfate, green surfactant for degreasing & foaming)
    • decyl glucoside (plant based surfactant for foaming & cleansing)
    • coco glucoside (cleansing surfactant to increase viscosity)
    • sodium citrate (water softener to help make cleaners more effective)
    • citric acid (cleaning agent)
    • 100% pure essential oils

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Weslee Rose is a handmade business located in Rochester, New York. We are dedicated to helping make your zero waste journey easy and exciting with our high quality eco-friendly products.

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