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Cloth Facial Squares, Special Order Patterns

Only available in cases of 48

Production times may be up to 2-3 weeks for special order patterns.


Case of 48, Wholesale Discount 50%

Retail Price Per Unit: $9.00

Wholesale Cost Per Unit: $4.50


Packaging Options:

Retail Ready: Each set is individually wrapped in a label . Ideal for in store retail.

Individually Packed in Clear Compostable Bag: Each set is individually wrapped in a label and individually packaged in a clear compostable bag. Ideal for warehouse storage & online store. 


These Cloth Facial Squares make face washing & makeup removal easy and eco friendly! Use. Wash. Repeat! It's that simple. The squares are made of cozy flannel that will get softer and more absorbent with washing!

Cloth Facial Squares, Special Order Patterns

  • Use. Wash. Repeat. Toss in cool water washing machine cycle and dry on gentle for best results. 

  • Shipping for wholesale orders will be invoiced separately once order is ready to ship. Rochester, NY local delivery orders will be contacted to schedule delivery.

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