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Going green has never been easier! No more harsh chemicals and cleaners diluted with water or artifical fragrances. Our concentrates contain natural and plant based organic ingredients, and 100% pure essential oils. They are packaged in compostable bags, metal tins, or glass bottles, so you can say goodbye to plastic bottles. 


Join the Eco Clean Monthly Membership and save on refils! Each month you will save 15% on your refills

Eco Clean Monthly Membership $21.25 (save 15% each month)

  • Toilet cleaning cubes in 10 pc compostable bag
  • Scour Powder: 10oz net weight in compostable bag
  • Cleaning Paste: 1.75 oz in round metal tin
  • Cleaning Spray Concentrate: 2 ounce refill bottle (makes two 16oz bottle cleaning spray solutions)

Eco Clean Monthly Membership

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    About Us 

    Weslee Rose is a handmade business located in Rochester, New York. We are dedicated to helping make your zero waste journey easy and exciting with our high quality eco-friendly products.

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