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Reusable Paper Towels, Limited Stock Patterns

These are final quantities of each pattern, and automatically receive a 50% wholesale discount. Each case comes with 17 sets of the 6 Count Reusable Paper Towels.  


Wholesale Discount 50%

Retail Price Per Unit: $15.00

Wholesale Cost Per Unit: $7.50


Move your household to a greener, eco friendly lifestyle with reusable cloth Reusable Paper Towels. Each cloth is soft and absorbent, and an easy way to replace single use, disposable paper towels. Fold them, stack them or roll them, Reusable Paper Towels are so versatile! Use them in the kitchen to wipe up spills, as a napkin, to dry produce, for household cleaning or on the go.


Reusable Paper Towels are the perfect eco friendly solution to your kitchen and household needs. They are soft, absorbent, and come in fun colors and patterns. Simply use, wash, and repeat.


Why Make the Switch to Reusable Cloth?

The average person uses 80 rolls of paper towels each year. Most disposable paper towels are made from new materials and once they are dirty, they cannot be recycled and are sent to land fills.

Cloth Reusable Paper Towels can be used, and washed - and even get softer and more absorbent after being laundered!

Reusable Paper Towels, Limited Stock Patterns

  • Each pack includes 6  reusable paper towels

    Each reusable eco towel is 11 x 10 inches

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