3 Small Eco-PUL Bags

3 Small Eco-PUL Bags


These durable bags are a fantastic storage solution for snacks on the go, organizing accessories, travel, makeup, and more. This set comes with THREE small bags. Mix & Match your patterns, select pattern and colors once you add to cart.


Eco-PUl is a magic material, that is GREEN, waterproof, food grade, and can with stand intense heat (like your dishwasher AND washing machine!)

Many laminated bags are NOT food grade, due to the toxic solvent-based adhesives used in the production. The solvents used were not good for the workers, the environment, or your food.

ECO-PUL is made with a green adhesive. It’s solvent free, safe for the workers who make the material, good for the environment, and food safe. Eco-PUL fabric is washable in hot water in commercial or home laundry & dishwashers. It is anti-microbial, even leftover snacks won’t grow mold on this magic fabric. It is abrasion resistant, fire resistant, and durable while being light weight

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