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Weslee Rose is an AAPI woman owned company dedicated to providing eco friendly solutions for life's everyday needs. We are focused on helping out customers move away from single use disposable and plastic items. Our products help customers move to a greener lifestyle with a range of kitchen items, organic skincare, concentrated cleaners and more. 

We strive to reduce our own footprint by using compostable & recycled materials, glass packaging, & by creating concentrated recipes. We use non toxic, wholesome & organic ingredients, that have been sustainable sourced. We are constantly inspired to create new and innovative products!

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Hi there!

My name is Lindsay Stutzman, founder of Weslee Rose. I am a wife and mother who was simply trying to rid single use plastics in my own family. I began making beeswax wraps and snack bags for my family, and very quickly found a need in my local community for green options. In the summer of 2018, I set up shop at a weekly farmer's market with handmade soaps, beeswax wraps, and snack bags. I loved my regular interactions with community members, to help remove some of the mystery and intimidation of what eco friendly means in their own lives & I was inspired to develop more eco friendly products. By the end of that first season, Weslee Rose was carried by retailers in the New York area, and are now sold across the country from Hawaii to Maine!

My name is Lindsay Stutzman,
founder of Weslee Rose

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