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At the Market Set

Make your next shopping trip eco friendly! Swap out single use bags with out cloth bags.  Our Weslee Rose bags were designed  with both quality and ease in mind.  Choose to add a Reusable Cloth Gift Bag if you would like your order boxed & wrapped!


Each set contains


Our Weslee Rose Shopping Bags will be your new favorite way to carry your groceries and more. Each bag is designed with quality in mind, including careful stitching, sturdy binding, and doubly layered handles to create a durable bag that will easily hold over 20lbs. 

  • Holds over 20lbs
  • Gusseted bottom designed to open to wide flat bottom
  • Folds into a small convenient travel size
  • Designed to fit onto the handles at the checkout that hold the plastic bags for easy packing
  • Made from 100% cotton, these bags are 100% biodegradable, unlike other resuable bags that are still made from plastic
  • Can easily be washed in the washing machine and dryer


Our Bulk & Produce Bags have been carefully designed, from the fabric & craftsmanship right down to the hand painted images. We chose cotton muslin, for it's durability, the fact that it is biodegradable, and for it's ease at the market ~ bulk & produce labels easily stay on the back, and peel off without a hassle. Each bag is carefully sewn with a sturdy binding, so your produce won't fall out!


Bento Bags are traditional Japanese bags used to carry bento boxes. They are simple bags that are perfect to carry on the go items, or to irganize at home! Use for snacks, lunches, produce, crafts, toys, and more! 


Simply fill & tie. The ties make an easy handle to carry!


At the Market Set

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