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Bulk & Produce Bags

Our Bulk & Produce Bags have been carefully designed, from the fabric & craftsmanship right down to the hand painted images. We chose cotton muslin, for it's durability, the fact that it is biodegradable, and for it's ease at the market ~ bulk & produce labels easily stay on the back, and peel off without a hassle. Each bag is carefully sewn with a sturdy binding, so your produce won't fall out!


Choose your size and style!





Bulk & Produce Bags

  • Small: 9" x 7" Holds one quart, perfect for small produce and bulk items.

    Medium: 11" x 9" Pictured holding 5 zucchini and 4 navel oranges

    Large: 12" x 16" This is our most popular produce bag! Simply weigh each item separately, then add the stickers to the back of the bag. Pictured is our large bag holding 3 head of broccoli, 4 bananas, a large celery, green pepper, garlic head, and 3 lemons!

    Also pictured is a large bag holding a large purple cabbage, acorn squash, 4 jalapenos, 2 zucchini, 2 large jicama, and ginger.

    • cotton muslin
    • cotton binding
    • nylon cord
    • plastic toggle
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