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Lunch On the Go Set

This set is perfect for anyone who eats a meal on the go! The Lunch on the Go set makes it easy to swap out single use disposables for reusable cloth. Choose to add a Reusable Cloth Gift Bag if you would like your order boxed & wrapped!


Each set contains

Small eco pul snack bag

Large sandwich size eco pul bag

Cutlery roll/placemat with cloth reusable eco towel

25pc hand wash soap sheets


Our Eco Pul Bags are durable and easy care! They make swapping out single use plastic bags so fun and easy. The food grade & anti-microbial material can be washed in the dishwasher, washing machine, and the dryer!


Our Cutlery Wraps solve many on the go eating needs! SImply place your own silverware inside, fold, roll & close with elastic. When you are ready to eat, open your roll, flip the bottom pocket, and now you have an anti microbial, food grade placemat! When you are finished eating, place your silverware back inside the pocket, roll and take home. The amazing material lining your roll means that you can simply wipe it down at home, and not have to launder after each use.

Perfect for on the go meals, school lunches, restaurants with only disposable utensils, and more!


Have clean hands no matter where you go with the Weslee Rose Hand Wash Papers! Simply place in hand, add a little water, and rub to activate & lather, and then rinse. The paper will dissolve and you'll be left with perfect suds!


Perfect for



the beach


and so much more!

Lunch On the Go Set

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