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Small, Medium, Large Beeswax Wrap Set

Case of 12, Wholesale Discount 45%

Retail Price Per Unit: $17.00

Wholesale Cost Per Unit: $9.35


Case of 60, Wholesale Discount 50%

Retail Price Per Unit: $17.00

Wholesale Cost Per Unit: $8.50


Packaging Options:

  • Retail Ready: Each set is individually wrapped in a label . Ideal for in store retail.
  • Individually Packed in Clear Compostable Bag: Each set is individually wrapped in a label and individually packaged in a clear compostable bag. Ideal for warehouse storage & online store. 


Beeswax wraps are an incredible and simple answer to life’s daily needs. Beeswax wraps make your food storage solutions easy & sustainable.


This variety pack is the perfect choice to fit everything in your kitchen! Includes a small 8 x 8, a medium 11 x 11, and a large 14 x 14 wrap.


Place a beeswax wrap on top of your dish, and simply use the warmth of your hand to mold and seal the wrap. You can also place your food inside of a wrap, and seal the wrap, encasing your food with a perfect seal. Our beeswax wraps create a wonderful seal around your food, helping your food stay fresher longer.

Small, Medium, Large Beeswax Wrap Set

  • For small crumbs, you can use a damp cloth to gently wipe off and clean, being mindful not to wipe too hard, so as not to remove the beeswax coating. To wash, use a mild soap and cool water. Use a bare hand, or gentle cloth to wash & rinse. Hang to dry.

    Caution: Avoid heat ~ such as sunlight, hot cars, or hot water, so the wax does not melt.

    Not for use with raw meat, as the wraps cannot be washed in hot water

  • Made from cotton cloth and treated with a recipe of beeswax, tree resin, and jojoba oil, beeswax wraps are reusable for a year, and then can easily be composted. Packaged in wood cellulose based compostable packaging.

    Each Pack Includes

    Small 8 x 8 inch beeswax wrap

    Medium 11 x 11 inch beeswax wrap

    Large 14 x 14 inch beeswax wrap

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