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Toilet Cleaning Cubes

Cleaning your toilet has never been so easy, or so green!  Hand crafted in Rochester, NY, and made with non toxic ingredients. From the ingredients to the labels, Weslee Rose Toilet Cleaning Cubes are eco friendly and effective.


Simply drop one cube in the toilet bowl, let sit to fizz and activate for 5 minutes, and then clean with a toilet brush.  



Each box contains 18 Toilet Cleaning Cubes

Toilet Cleaning Cubes

    • Aluminum free sodium bicarbonate 
    • non GMO citric acid
    • hydrogen peroxide
    • Weslee Rose Liquid Castile Soap (pure olive oil, organic coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, distilled water)
  • Kraft box made from 100% recycled content. Kraft box and label 100% recyclable. Printed with vegetable based inks. Cubes are carefully stacked and wrapped in unbleached parchment paper to prevent cube breakage and powder from leaking out of box. 

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