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Reusable Snack Bags, Special Order Patterns

Only available in cases of 60

Production times may be up to 2-3 weeks for special order patterns.


Case of 60, Wholesale Discount 50%

Retail Price Per Unit: $6.00

Wholesale Cost Per Unit: $3.00


Packaging Options:

Retail Ready: Each bag includes a hangtage & UPC. Ideal for in store retail.

Individually Packed in Clear Compostable Bag: Each Reusable Snack Bag is individually packaged in a clear compostable bag. Ideal for warehouse storage & online store. 


Reusable food storage bags are an easy and eco friendly swap. They are perfect for travel, for snacks and lunches on the go, to carry accessories, crafts, organization, and more. 


These bags are durable and easy care! 

  • Eco friendly ~ ditch those dispoable plastic bags!
  • Food grade & anti-microbial
  • Can be washed cared for in the dishwasher, washing machine, and the dryer!


Our incredible bags come in 4 sizes from a snack bag all the way up to a gallon bag.

Reusable Snack Bags, Special Order Patterns

  • Made with eco-pul material that is produced using an updated non-toxic green method. The fabric is food grade, anti-microbial, and heat resistant.

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